Welcome to my personal website: bin-ye.com!

This is my first website. I’m so exciting that I build it successfully as a tiro of webpage and outsider of programming, according to several blogs, some pages, and one book.

This is a good place for me to express my opinion, to talk to myself, and to link to the world quietly. This is also a good tool for you to know and observe my boring but peaceful life. Don’t ask me why I don’t prefer to the social media. I have several social media account (see the bottom if you want), but I will write and talk more on this site.

The idea of building a personal website of mine came from the homepage of Dr. Xingfeng Si in five years ago. But until now it finally comes true. I’m still a ‘freshman’ of ecology researcher and I follow Dr. Si as an example. When I read plenty of papers with amazing graphs and beautiful maps, I always have the desire to figure out how to make them myself. Then I become interested in R and fancinated by drawing beautiful plots and maps. While reading Geocomputation with R made by bookdown, I found an expert with a Chinese name, Xihui Xie, who is a super excellent R developer. He has a clean and tidy homepage, and he develops a lot of R packages for building a website. His style and technique make me inspired. I decide to build my own website!

As a complete newbie on webpage and programming, I refered the theme of XMag written by Dr. Xie. The thumbnails in summary blocks are attractive, especially the funny ‘老子叫你飞'^[I let you not fly any more!]. More inportantly, the source code is relatively easy to understand for me. I also refer to blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown to build the wetsite. Finally, I become a newer of GitHub and publish this website. If you have comments and suggestions, please feel free to email me.

Anyway, welcome!


五年前看到斯幸峰博士的网站,深受鼓舞。前辈就是我的榜样!然而直到现在才完成自己的网站,期间是因为完全不知道网站如何建设,直到偶然中发现了不喜欢被称为大牛的谢益辉的博客,甚是震撼。于是静下心来开始倒腾。本主页几乎完全参照了谢益辉博士编写的Hugo主题XMag,并参考谢博士编写的blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown实现了建站和发布。



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